Putting your bathroom tiles using a dynamic flooring pattern or a strong wall color can make the difference as you remodel your bathroom floor. A ceramic tile floor is needed by a good bathroom.

Start by removing your old carpeting and carpet strips before putting the toilet tiles. Use a cutoff saw to make room for the toilet tile to slip under the doorjambs. Place a portion of the tile pattern starting at the doorway to create a centerline after which strike a chalk line.

Cut on the toilet tile with a wet saw or tile snips. Work your way up one side of the area and down another. Let 1/8″ for grout lines; spacers can be used for consistency. Combine the thinnest using an electric drill.

Mix small amounts at a time, adding water to keep the consistency that is right. Mix enough to lay down a dozen or so toilet tile simultaneously, and be prepared to attend work as the thinnest dries quickly using a trowel to apply the thinnest to the ground.

When the toilet tiles are in place and some-what dry, work with a grout saw where the grout will go, to scrape the extra thinnest from the joints. A shop van will clean most of this up, but use a wet sponge to get the surface clean. Once dry, begin applying the grout using a rubber trowel.

Once the toilet tiles is dried completely an additional sponge cleaning will be required to get up the film. It’s recommended to apply a grout sealer after about 48 hours approximately to help avoid any staining problems that occur during regular use.

Installing Bathroom Tiles
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